High temperature alloy GH3030

Bars, plates, strips, pipes

Surface treatment:
Hot rolled, Hot forging, Cold pull, Cold rolled, Cold drawn
High temperature alloy GH3030 Description

High temperature alloy GH3030 is a solid solution strengthened superalloy. It has satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 800℃, and has good oxidation resistance, thermal fatigue, cold stamping and welding process performance. The alloy is single-phase austenite after solution treatment, and the structure is stable during use.

High temperature alloy GH3030 specifications
Bar 5.0Mm to 8.0Mm cold drawn; 8.0Mm to 30.0Mm hot rolled; 30.0Mm to 180.0Mm hot forged
Plate 3.5Mm to 30.0Mm hot rolling; 30.0Mm to 40.0Mm hot forging
Strip 0.2Mm to 3.5Mm cold rolled
Tube outer diameter 120Mm to 8.0Mm, inner diameter 8.0Mm to 129Mm cold drawn

High temperature alloy GH3030 specifications

Superalloy GH3030 specification data sheet

Physical properties of High temperature alloy GH3030

Physical properties of superalloy GH3030 data sheet

High temperature alloy GH3030 oxidation resistance

Superalloy GH3030 oxidation resistance data sheet

Oxidation corrosion depth of superalloy GH3030 at high temperature

High temperature oxidation corrosion depth data table of high temperature GH3030

Mechanical properties of superalloy GH3030

Table of mechanical properties of GH3030 superalloy

Application of high temperature alloy GH3030
Main uses: turbines, engine combustion chamber parts, high temperature containers, structural parts, thermocouple protective covers.


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