Molybdenum tube Competitive price supplier of molybdenum Pipe

Mo1,Mo2, Mo3
ASTM B 387

Surface treatment:
Finish turning for outer surface, Drilling for inner surface
Metallic color
Molybdenum Tube / Pipe Description

Molybdenum tube & Molybdenum Pipe are mainly used in thermocouple protection tubes in high-temperature furnaces, sapphire single crystal furnaces, and supporting parts in high-temperature sintering furnaces.

Specifications of Molybdenum Tube/Molybdenum Pipe

Outer Diameter: Φ5.0Mm to 500Mm

Length: 50Mm to 1000mm

Molybdenum tube composition analysis

Molybdenum tube composition analysis data sheet

Molybdenum (Mo) Tube / Pipe / Ring Applications:

  • •    Used as a rotary molybdenum targets for coating, which is widely used in solar industries.
  • •    Used in components of electron tube, heaters of high-temperature furnaces, and thermocouple retainers.
  • •    Used in solar industries.


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