High-quality constant elastic alloy 3J53

Bar, strip, wire, plate

Surface treatment:
Hot forging, Cold rolled, Cold pull
Metallic color
Elastic alloy 3J53 description

As a constant elasticity alloy with low frequency temperature coefficient, 3J53 has high elastic modulus and strength, low elastic modulus temperature coefficient and good wave velocity consistency. In the temperature range of -40℃~80℃, 3J53 has low frequency temperature coefficient

3J53 application range Application areas are:

1. Used for vibrators in mechanical filters, springs in resonator relays and other components

2. Can be used to manufacture mechanical filter oscillators, tuning forks, diaphragms and reeds, etc.

3. In the field of materials, 3J53 can be used to make round steel, forgings, flanges, bars, pipes and steel strips


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