Customized Milling Precision Service Elastic Alloy Cnc Machining Parts

YB/T 5254-1993,YB/T 5253-1993,YB/T 5256-1993

Surface treatment:
Anodizing, Plating, Sandblasting, blackening, Brushing, Polishing, Powder coating, Painting, Laser engraving, etc.
Metallic color
Elastic alloy 3J01 Description

Elastic alloy 3J01 is a highly elastic, corrosion-resistant, weakly magnetic alloy used for making elastic components. High elasticity and strength can be obtained after failure, and corrosion resistance, weak magnetic

Elastic alloy 3J01 specification
Bar 30.0Mm to 180.0Mm hot forging
Strip 0.2Mm to 3.5Mm cold rolled
Wire 0.1Mm to 5.0Mm cold drawn

Chemical composition of elastic alloy 3J01

Data sheet of chemical composition of elastic alloy 3J01

Physical properties of elastic alloy 3J01 after cold working and aging

Elastic alloy 3J01 physical properties data sheet

Mechanical properties of elastic alloy 3J01/delivery state properties

Elastic alloy 3J01 mechanical properties data sheet

Elastic alloy 3J01 after aging

Elastic alloy 3J01 data sheet after aging

Applications of Elastic alloys 3J01

Various elastic elements such as diaphragms, bellows, and springs in the instrument industry


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