Expansion alloy 4J80, nickel-based alloy

Bars, plates, strips, wires, pipes

Surface treatment:
Hot forging, Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Cold pull ,Cold drawn
Metallic color
Expansion alloy 4J80 description

Expansion alloy 4J80 is a nickel-based non-magnetic fixed expansion porcelain sealing alloy. Medium thermal expansion coefficient in the room temperature range of 600.

Expansion alloy 4J80 specification
Bar 5.0mm to 8.0mm cold drawn; 8.0mm to 30.0mm hot rolled; 30.0mm to 180.0mm hot forged
Plate 3.5mm to 30.0mm hot rolling; 30.0mm to 40.0mm hot forging
Strip 0.2mm to 3.5mm cold rolled
Flat wire 0.5mm to 5.0mm hot rolled
Round wire 0.1mm to 5.0mm cold drawn
Capillary tube outer diameter 8.0mm to 1.0mm , inner diameter 0.1mm to 8.0mm cold drawn
Tube outer diameter 120mm to 8.0mm, inner diameter 8.0mm to129mm cold drawn

Chemical composition of expanded alloy 4J80

Chemical composition data sheet of expansion alloy 4J80

Mechanical properties of expanded alloy 4J80

Data sheet of mechanical properties of expansion alloy 4J80

Magnetic permeability of expanded alloy 4J80 alloy sample after heat treatment

Permeability data sheet of heat treated expanded alloy 4J80

Application of expansion alloy 4J80

Used for non-magnetic sealing parts of special electronic instruments, mainly used for vacuum tight welding and edge welding of high alumina ceramic materials.


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