Expansion alloy 4J29 kovar alloy iron nickel cobalt fixed expansion sealing alloy

Bars, plates, strips, wires, pipes

Surface treatment:
Hot rolled ,Hot forging, Cold rolled ,Cold pull
Metallic color
Expansion alloy 4J29 Description

Expansion alloy 4J29 (kovar alloy) is an iron-nickel-cobalt fixed-expansion sealing alloy, which has a linear expansion coefficient similar to that of hard glass within a certain temperature range.

Expansion alloy 4J29 specification
Bar 5.0-8.0 cold drawn; 8.0-30.0 hot rolled; 30.0-180.0 hot forged
Plate 3.5-30.0 hot rolling; 30.0-40.0 hot forging
Strip 0.2-3.5 cold rolled
Flat wire 0.5-5.0 hot rolled
Round wire 0.1-5.0 cold drawn
Capillary tube outer diameter 8.0-1.0, inner diameter 0.1-8.0 cold drawn
Tube outer diameter 120-8.0, inner diameter 8.0-129 cold drawn

Chemical composition of expanded alloy 4J29

Chemical composition data sheet of expansion alloy 4J29

Physical properties of expanded alloy 4J29

Physical properties data sheet of expansion alloy 4J29

Expansion alloy 4J29 average linear expansion coefficient

Table of mean linear expansion coefficient data for expansion alloy 4J29

Application of expansion alloy 4J29
Matching and sealing in the electric vacuum industry and hard glass.


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