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ASTM B521-98

Surface treatment:
Electrolytic polish ,Grinding
Metallic color
Tantalum Tube / Pipe description

Tantalum can produce welded tantalum tubes and seamless tantalum pipe , which have a wide range of uses. The manufacture of seamless pipes is to use extrusion, pipe reduction or deep drawing with sheet metal. The welding manufacturing method is to first form the strip, then make it into a tube shape, and then weld the joint with gas tungsten arc (GTAW).

Tantalum Tube / Pipe Specifications

Outer Diameter: 1.0~150mm

Wall Thickness: 0.2~5.0mm

Length: 200~6000mm

Purity: 99.95% or 99.99%

Tantalum Tube/Tantalum Pipe Chemical Composition

Tantalum tube composition analysis data sheet

Tantalum Tube/Tantalum Pipe Applications

•   Used for the manufacturing of reaction vessels.

•   Used for heat exchanger pipes, condensers, bayonet heaters, helical coils, thermocouple, and protective tubes, etc.


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