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ASTM B708​​,GB / T 3629

Surface treatment:
Electrolytic polish ,Grinding
Metal Color
Tantalum Wire description

Tantalum wire is used to make heating parts of vacuum high-temperature furnace, but its main purpose is to make capacitors. Tantalum capacitors are currently the most excellent capacitors. Tantalum wire is used as the anode lead of tantalum capacitors. Tantalum has excellent physical and chemical properties, high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent toughness and ductility, especially It has excellent corrosion resistance and has no reaction to hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid and "aqua regia". Tantalum wire has also obtained important applications in medical treatment. Because of its biocompatibility, human muscles can grow on it, so it can be used to compensate muscle tissue and suture nerves and tendons.

Titanium Wire Specifications

Diameter Titanium - 0.05mm to 3.2mm

Tantalum wire composition analysis

Tantalum wire composition analysis data sheet

Mechanical properties of tantalum wire

Tantalum Wire Mechanical Performance Data Sheet

Tantalum Wire Applications
- Tantalum electrolyte capacitors;Vacuum electron cathode emission source;Ion sputtering and spray materials;High-temperature furnace parts; Prosthetic devices for humans

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