Aluminum Al wire, Aluminum wire


Surface treatment:
Wire drawing, polishing, polishing, power coating, sandblasting
silvery metal
Aluminum wire description

Aluminum wire is a commonly used deoxidizer in modern steelmaking and production. The main functions of aluminum wire in steel are as follows: molten steel prevents bubbles from being generated when molten steel solidifies; forms dispersed AlN pellets, fixes nitrogen in steel, controls the austenite grain size when steel is reheated, and increases grain coarseness Temperature, reduce the overheating sensitivity and hardenability of steel, improve the welding performance of steel; inhibit the aging characteristics of low carbon steel; reduce the notch sensitivity and ductile brittle transition temperature of steel. The use of aluminum wire for deoxidation can reduce the amount of input compared to using traditional aluminum ingots, improve the deoxidation effect of aluminum, and greatly increase the aluminum recovery rate.

Aluminum wire specifications
Diameter 0.1mm to 7mm
Tensile strength: 230-450MPA
Elongation: 8-15%

Aluminum wire composition analysis

Chemical composition analysis data sheet of aluminum wire

Aluminum wire application
Aluminum wire has good toughness and high sealing degree. It is widely used in the sealing equipment of flexible packaging such as civil explosion industry, ham sausage, silicone glue, resin anchoring agent, etc.; it is most commonly used as wire in the industry;


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