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Surface treatment:
Rolling, polishing, etc.
Silver gray
Aluminum pellets description

Aluminum pellets are also known as aluminum shots and aluminum sands. Aluminum pellets are refined by repeated drawing, cutting, and grinding processes of aluminum ingots containing 99+% aluminum. The appearance is bright, cylindrical, applied to the surface of aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpieces.

Aluminum pellets specifications
Heavier than : 2.7 g/cm3
Hardness: 65-125Hv
Diameter: φ3mm-φ16mm

The main chemical composition of aluminum pellets

Aluminium particle chemical composition analysis data sheet

Performance characteristics of aluminum pellets
• High sphericity, low impurity content, active aluminum accounts for more than 99%.
• The appearance is silver-gray, there is no foreign inclusions and agglomeration, the moisture content is very low, and it can be stored for a long time.
• The particle size of the product is uniform and the distribution range is narrow.
• The tap density is high.

Aluminum pellets application
It is widely used in surface finishing treatment of aluminum castings and copper and zinc castings, sandblasting and polishing of various metal surfaces, deburring and burrs of casting workpieces, sandblasting and polishing of the surface of blades and casting products, etc. It can make your product smooth, clean, shiny, and achieve the effect of whitening. At the same time, aluminum particles can be used in combination with stainless steel sand and stainless steel shots to achieve a whiter and brighter surface of the workpiece. Aluminum pellets, LED semiconductors, and more used for steaming, the purity requirements are also relatively high.


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