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Mo1,Mo2, Mo3
ASTM B386,GB3200-89

Surface treatment:
Polished, bright, Shining, cold rolling
Metallic color
Molybdenum Foil / Strip description

Molybdenum foil is one of the molybdenum products. It is a molybdenum plate made by powder metallurgy and a 0.2mm flat-rolled molybdenum, namely molybdenum foil, is made by mechanical processing, with a minimum purity of 99.9%. The processing of molybdenum foil is mainly to obtain corresponding mechanical properties. Its main processing processes include bending, spinning, drawing, stamping, etc., so that it can be used under high temperature and low temperature conditions, and its properties are roughly the same as those of molybdenum sheet.

Molybdenum foil Specification

Thicknesses Molybdenum Foil - 0.02mm to 0.09mm

Width Molybdenum Foil - 50mm to 200mm

Length Molybdenum Foil - Up to 200

Molybdenum foil allowable size tolerance

Molybdenum foil size tolerance data sheet

Molybdenum foil Application

•    Molybdenum Foil is used for making electric light source parts, components of electric vacuum and electric power semiconductor.
•    It is also used for producing molybdenum boats, heat shield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace.
•    It is widely used in furnace construction mould and parts, electronic components manufacturing and semiconductor industry. In vacuum furnace and high temperature furnace and heat preservation material plate electrode, etc.


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