High temperature alloy GH3039

GJB3165-98 GJB1952-94 GJB3371-98 GJB3318-98 GJB2297-95 GB/T15062-94

Surface treatment:
Hot forging, Hot rolled, Cold pull, Cold rolled, Cold drawn
Metal Color
High temperature alloy GH3039 Description

High temperature alloy GH3039 is a single-phase austenitic solid solution strengthened alloy. It has moderate thermal strength and good thermal fatigue performance below 800°C, good oxidation resistance below 1000°C, stable structure for long-term use, and Has good cold formability and welding performance. Suitable for long-term use below 850℃.

High temperature alloy GH3039 specifications

The intermediate solution heat treatment temperature of the parts is 1050℃, air cooling. The final heat treatment temperature of the parts in the combustion chamber is 1080 ℃. For parts with higher durability requirements for air cooling, the solution temperature can be increased to 1170 ℃. The holding time of the parts during solution heat treatment can be selected according to the thickness of 2-20min. It is recommended after the parts are heat treated After heat treatment, the surface oxide scale of the parts can be removed by sand blowing or pickling.

Bar 5.0Mm to 8.0Mm cold drawn; 8.0Mm to 30.0Mm hot rolled; 30.0Mm to 180.0Mm hot forged
Plate 3.5Mm to 30.0Mm hot rolling; 30.0Mm to 40.0Mm hot forging
Strip 0.2Mm to 3.5Mm cold rolled
Tube outer diameter 120Mm to 8.0Mm, inner diameter 8.0Mm to 129Mm cold drawn

High temperature alloy GH3039 applied chemical composition

Data sheet of applied chemical composition of GH3039 superalloy

High temperature alloy GH3039 physical properties

Physical properties of superalloy GH3039 data sheet

Oxidation rate of high temperature alloy GH3039 in air medium

Oxidation rate data table of superalloy GH3039 in air

Mechanical properties of superalloy GH3039

Table of mechanical properties of GH3039 superalloy

High temperature alloy GH3039 application
Main application: aero engine combustion chamber, afterburner parts, high temperature structural parts, flame tube.


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