High-temperature alloy GH4049 Manufacturing of turbine blades for various aero-engines.

Bars, plates, strips, pipes

Surface treatment:
Hot rolled, Hot forging ,Cold pull ,Cold rolled
Metal Color
High temperature alloy GH4049 Description

The high-temperature alloy GH4049 is a nickel-based hard-to-deform high-temperature alloy. It has good oxidation resistance below 1000°C and high high-temperature strength below 950°C; suitable for making aero engine turbine blades and other high-temperature bearing that work at 900°C. Force pieces.

High temperature alloy GH4049 chemical composition

Data sheet of chemical composition of superalloy GH4049

Physical properties of superalloy GH4049

Physical properties of GH4049 superalloy data sheet

High temperature alloy GH4049 heat treatment system
1200℃±10℃, 2h, air cooling +10℃, 4h, air cooling +850℃±10℃, 8h, air cooling
•    After standard heat treatment, the alloy has a Ƴ `, M6 C, MC and a small amount of M23C6 and M3B2 phases. The content of the Ƴ` phase is about 40%. There are two forms of large and small. The big Ƴ` phase is square, about 300-350nm . The small size is spherical, about 60-100nm. The M6C phase is distributed in the grain boundary in the form of small chains, surrounded by thin films on both sides. The MC and M3B2 phases are primary phases, distributed along the deformation direction. After long-term aging of the alloy at 850°C for 1000 hours, no new phases are precipitated. The Ƴ `phases are all aggregated and grow into a square shape. The grain boundary M6C and M23C6 phase particles grow up and the number increases, and the needle-like M6C phase increases.

•    Formability steel ingots are directly rolled into bars, the heating temperature is 1160±10℃, the final rolling temperature is not less than 1020℃. The blade die forging heating temperature is 1170℃, and the stop forging temperature is not less than 1050℃, in an oxidizing atmosphere When heating or heat treatment, the machining allowance should not be less than 1.5mm on each side. When the blade is forged with a small allowance, heating or heat treatment should be carried out in a protective atmosphere.

Application of high temperature alloy GH4049
It is used to make turbine blades on a variety of aero engines at home and abroad.


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