Wholesale of high quality ASTM b863 titanium wire for industrial use

ASTM B863, AWS 5.16, etc.

Surface treatment:
Black, Pickled, Polished (for dia. >1mm)
Metallic color
Titanium Wire / Weld Wire Description
Titanium Wire and Titanium Weld Wire

XK metal provides titanium wire products for the industrial market. Titanium wire can be used in a spool, it can be cut to a certain length, or provided in a full length. Titanium wire is usually used in the chemical processing industry and is anodized to hang parts or components or items that need to be tied. Our titanium wire is also suitable for rack systems that require strong materials.

Titanium Wire Size Range


Diameter  1.0mm-5.0mm (0.04"-0.02", tolerance: +/-0.05mm, +/-0.002")

Length up to 3000mm (118") max length

Diameter  0.5mm-5.0mm (0.02", tolerance: +/-0.05mm, +/-0.002")
Spool diameter  around 300mm (12")

Titanium Wire Chemical Composition

Titanium Wire Mechanical Property

Titanium wire application

Military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, headwear, electroplating hangers, welding wire and other industries.

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