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GR1, GR2, GR3
ASTMB265, AMS4911, GB/T 3621, etc.

Surface treatment:
Polishing, pickling, machining, abrasive blasting, etc.
Metal Color
Titanium Coil / Strip description

Titanium coil / strip

Titanium coil/titanium strip is a high-end material for making high-precision equipment. Users have different requirements for size, thickness, weight, tolerance, finished width, edge condition, packaging, etc. The thinner the thickness, the more it can meet the needs of users. XK Metal offers a variety of titanium rolls/titanium strip. At the same time, we are always committed to the highest quality standards, please call for consultation.

Titanium coil / strip Specifications

ThiThickness 0.05mm to 2.0mm

Width 0.7mm to 500mm

Length according to your requirements

Titanium Coil / Strip Chemical Composition

Titanium Coil / Strip Mechanical Property

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