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GR1, GR2,Gr3
ASTM B265、ASTM F136、ASTM F67、AMS4928

Surface treatment:
Pickling, polishing, etc.
Metal Color
Titanium Flange Description

Titanium Flange Type

Plate Flange - Flat Flange - Slip on Flange - Welding Neck Flange - Long Welding Neck Flange - Blind Flange - Socket Welding Flange - Thread Flange - Screwed Flange - Lap Joint Flange. etc.

Titanium Flange Specifications

1/2"~ 60"NB NPS 1/2 - NPS 24 (DN 10 - 2000)

Titanium Flange Pressure Class

PN 0.6-4.0 MPa (6-40 bar)

150# 250# 300# 400# 500# 600# 900# 1500# 2500#

Titanium Flange Application

•    Water works, Shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical & Gas industry, Power industry, Valve industry, and general pipes connecting projects, etc.

•    Flat welding flange, neck butt welding flange and integral flange are matched by valves.

•    Flange with neck flat welding and socket welding is used in petrochemical plant.

•    Threaded flange is commonly used in engineering construction, which is easy to install and does not need welding.

•    Loose flange and flange cover are used in corrosive pipeline system.


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