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Surface treatment:
Black, Chemical cleaned, Electropolished, Polished
Metallic color
Tungsten wire Description

The tungsten wires produced by XK Metal are widely used in electric light sources and electronic devices such as filaments, heating wires, grids, springs, brackets, and steamed aluminum heating coils, as well as electronic tubes, series of automobile lamps, halogens produced in the electric vacuum industry and electric light source industry. Lamps, filaments for special types of bulbs, etc.

tungsten wires Specifications

Tungsten wire size allowable tolerance data sheet

Properties and Characteristics
• High temperature property: according to the specific applications, high temperature property requirements.
• Diameter: consistency, weight deviation of two consecutive 200mm-wire pieces is less than 0. 5% of nominal
• Straightness: Regular tungsten wire in accordance with customers' requirements Straightened tungsten wire. for the tungsten wire thinner than 100um. vertical height of 500mm freely,suspended wire should not be less than 450mm:for the tungsten wire at or thicker than 10oum, the maximum arc height between two points with distance of 100mm is 10mm


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