Tungsten Rod Tungsten Round Bars Supplier

99.95% tungsten
ASTMB760-07, GB/T3875-83

Surface treatment:
Alkaline wash surface and polished surface
Metallic color
Tungsten Rod / Bar Description

Tungsten rod and tungsten bar have special properties, such as low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, sufficient resistance to electrical resistance, and high modulus of elasticity. Therefore, tungsten rods and tungsten bars are widely used in various fields. Such as support lines, lead-in lines, printer needles, various electrodes and quartz furnaces, filaments, high-speed tools, automotive automatic products, sputtering targets, etc.

Tungsten Rod/Bar Specification

Diameter Tungsten Tungsten Rod/Bar - 0.2Mm to 17Mm

Length Tungsten Tungsten Rod/Bar - 50Mm to 2000Mm

Tungsten rod composition analysis

Tungsten rod composition analysis data sheet

Allowable tolerance of tungsten rod size

Tungsten rod size allowable tolerance data sheet


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