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ASTMB760-07,GB / T3875-83

Surface treatment:
hot-rolled alkaline cleaning, electrolytic polish, machined, or polished. Tungsten Plate
Metallic color
Tungsten plate / sheet Description

Tungsten plate & Tungsten sheet adopts the material tungsten with a high purity of 99.95%,It is a refractory metal with high temperature resistance. It has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature strength, low vapor pressure and wear resistance. It is used in electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing, metal material processing, glass manufacturing, and high-temperature furnace parts. Important materials for component manufacturing, aerospace and defense industry applications.

Tungsten Plate / Sheet Specification

Thicknesses Tungsten Plate/Sheet - 0.10Mm to 6Mm

Width Tungsten Plate/Sheet - 30Mm to 400Mm

Length Tungsten Plate/Sheet - Up to 1000Mm

Tungsten plate composition analysis

Tungsten plate composition analysis data sheet

Allowable tolerance of tungsten plate size

Tungsten plate size allowable tolerance data sheet

Tungsten Plate Applications

It can be used to make electric heating belts, reflective screens, heat shields, vacuum coating equipment, X-ray tube anodes, high temperature resistant tungsten boats, sapphire crystal furnace covers and heating elements in high temperature furnaces.

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