Zirconium Metal Wire 0.25mm diameter zirconium wire

ASTM B551/B551M-12(2017)、GB/T21183-2017

Surface treatment:
Pickling, alkali cleaning, grinding, polishing
Silver Gray
Zirconium Wire Description

Zirconium wire specifications
Diameter ф 0.25Mm to 6.0Mm

Zirconium wire composition analysis

zirconium wire composition analysis data sheet

Zirconium wire Mechanical property diameter

zirconium wire mechanical property analysis data sheet

Zirconium wire application
• More than 80% of the Zirconium wire is used as welding wire, such as welding of various equipment and welded pipes.
• Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, Zirconium wire has been widely used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and other industries, and can be woven into meshes such as seawater filters, pure water filters, chemical filters, etc.
• Zirconium wire is used to make electrodes in electroplating and water treatment industries.

Zirconium wire packaging and shipping Details

• inner packing: plastic foam bag;
• outer packing: plywood case with strips;
• We ship worldwide by EMS ,DHL ,UPS ,FedEx ,TNT and so on;
• We shall be boxed, crated, banded on skids or bundled in such a manner as to assure safe delivery to its destination;


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