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ASTM B551,GB/T21183-2007

Surface treatment:
Polishing, machining, pickling
silver gray
Zirconium rod description

Zirconium rods are mainly used in chemicals and electronics. Apply its corrosion resistance and conductivity. The density is 17.7g/cm3. Melting point 995°C. The tensile strength is 784~931MPa. The microhardness is 2254~2450MPa. The resistivity is 44~46×10-2Ω·mm2/m. The temperature coefficient of resistance is 2.5~2.7×10-4/℃. The thermoelectric potential of copper is -15~+22μv/℃. The complete recrystallization temperature is 750°C. Contact resistance (without oxygen, polished sample) 0.047Ω. The vacuum intermediate frequency furnace is filled with argon to protect the smelting, and the material is cold processed. The intermediate annealing system is 750℃/30min, water cooling.

Zirconium rod specifications
Diameter 2mm to100mm
Length 50mm to 3000mm

Zirconium rod composition analysis

Zirconium rod composition analysis data sheet

Zirconium rod Mechanical property diameter

Zirconium rod mechanical property analysis data sheet

Zirconium rod application

•   Chemical processing, medical equipment, etc.
•   Aerospace, industry, navigation, smelting, chemical plants
•   Plate heat exchanger and condenser
•   Chemical and medical equipment.

Zirconium rod packaging method
Packed in a wooden box with plastic partitions, with material certificates and packing lists and other accessories. The weight of a single box does not exceed 100kg and we can process samples and drawings according to customer specifications and sizes.


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