Cold rolled seamless pipe Welded pipe Extruded quality pipe

R60702 ,R60704,R60705
ASTM B551,GB/T21183-2007

Surface treatment:
Polishing, machining, pickling
silver gray
Zirconium tube Description

Zirconium tube specifications

Cold rolled seamless pipe - diameter φ8Mm to152Mm ;wall thickness 0.2Mm to 15.0Mm ;length ≤3000Mm
Welded pipe - diameter φ100Mm to 1200Mm; wall thickness 5.0Mm to 12.0Mm
Extrusion tube - diameter φ45Mm to 219Mm; wall thickness5.0Mm to 30.0Mm

Zirconium rod composition analysis

zirconium tube composition analysis data sheet

Zirconium rod Mechanical property diameter

zirconium tube mechanical property analysis data sheet

Zirconium tube production method
Cold rolled, extruded,

Zirconium tube inspection process
Ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, water pressure testing, air tightness testing

Zirconium tube application
Navigation, aerospace, vacuum salt production, automobile industry, paper and textile industry, electric power industry, metallurgical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fertilizer industry, seawater desalination, instrument manufacturing, chlor-alkali manufacturing equipment, power equipment and other industries.


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