Zinc particles Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Round, square

Surface treatment:
Silver grey metal
Zinc particles Description

Zinc particle specifications

Diameter 3Mm to 10Mm

Zinc Particles Properties (Theoretical)

Zinc particle property data analysis table

Zinc particles application

Zinc particles are prone to form a protective film on the surface at room temperature, so the biggest use of zinc particles is in the galvanizing industry. Zinc particles can form alloys with many non-ferrous metals. Among them, alloys composed of zinc, aluminum and copper are widely used in die castings. Brass composed of zinc particles, copper, tin, and lead is used in machinery manufacturing.
Zinc oxide nanoparticles can also be used in medicine, rubber, paint and other industries.

Zinc granule packaging

0.1Kg/bag 0.1Kg/bottle 1Kg/bag 1Kg/bottle, outer aluminum coated vacuum packaging, outer carton packaging, weight 25Kg or more barrels, can be customized packaging according to customer needs


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