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ASTM B418-95 US MILL 18001K

Surface treatment:
Smooth and bright, dense structure, no scratches and scars
Blue and white metal
Zinc rod description

Zinc rod is a blue-white metal. The density is 7.14 g/cm3 and the melting point is 419.5°C. At room temperature, it is brittle; at 100-150℃, it becomes soft; after 200℃, it becomes brittle. The chemical properties of zinc rods are vivid. In the air at room temperature, a thin and dense basic zinc carbonate film is formed on the surface, which can hinder further oxidation. When the temperature reaches 225°C, zinc oxidizes violently.

Zinc rod specifications

Diameter 25mm to 100mm

Zinc rod composition analysis

Zinc rod composition analysis data sheet

Zinc rod features
High purity, bright color, dense organization, no slag inclusion, no voids, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, uniform dissolution, and long service life.

Zinc rod application
Mainly used for ships, steel piles, floating docks, trestle bridges, ballast tanks, underwater pipelines, sluices, underwater wire ropes, offshore platforms, port and offshore engineering facilities, underground cables, underground oil and gas pipelines, oil well casings, oil tanks Inner and outer walls, bridge foundations, reactors, concrete foundations, heat exchangers, rehydration gas, box coolers, water pipe inner walls, pumps, compressors, chemical towers, containers, storage tanks, etc.


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