High-purity zinc ingots for sturdy products


Surface treatment:
Silver-white glossy metal
Zinc ingot Description

Zinc ingot refers to pure zinc, with a purity of at least 90%. Uses of zinc ingots: mainly used in die-casting alloys, battery industry, printing and dyeing industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, chemical industry, etc., alloys of zinc and other metals are widely used in electroplating, spraying and other industries.

Zinc ingot specifications
Length 480 * width 220 * height 50 mm
Net weight 28Kg

Zinc ingot composition analysis

Zinc Ingot Composition Analysis Data Sheet

Wang Yao App
• Galvanized
• Manufacture of copper alloy materials (such as brass)
• Used for casting zinc alloy
• Used in the manufacture of zinc oxide, accounting for about 11%, widely used in rubber, paint, enamel, medicine, printing, fiber, etc.industry.
• Used in the manufacture of dry batteries, in the form of zinc cakes and zinc plates, accounting for about 13%.
Zinc has suitable chemical properties. Zinc can interact with NH4cl to release positive H+ ions. Zinc-manganese dioxide battery takes advantage of this feature of zinc, and uses zinc alloy as the battery shell, which is not only a container for battery electrolyte, but also participates in battery reaction to form the battery's anode. Its performance is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


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