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Aluminum Alloy Rod / Bar Description

The aluminum alloy rods & aluminum alloy bars produced by Xinkang are the general name of aluminum-based alloys. The main aluminum alloy rod products are 7050, 7A09, 7A04 aluminum rods (aerospace super-duralumin-aluminum-zinc alloy); 6063, 6082, 6061 (ordinary duralumin-aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy); 5083, 5052, 5A06, 5A02 (anti-dura Rusty aluminum-aluminum-magnesium alloy); 3003, 3A21 (anti-rust aluminum-aluminum alloy); 2024, 2017, 2A12 (aerospace hard aluminum-aluminum copper alloy), etc.

Chemical composition of aluminum alloy rod / bar

Aluminum alloy bar composition analysis data sheet

Mechanical properties of aluminum alloy rod / bar

Mechanical property data sheet of aluminum alloy rod

Physical properties of aluminum alloy rod / bar

Data sheet of physical properties of aluminum alloy rods

Quality characteristics of aluminum alloy rods / bar

Aluminum alloy rod / bar 7 series - Density: 2.90g/cm³. Shear strength: alloy (bare) and clad aluminum alloy, O state: 152MPa (22ksi); alloy (bare) T6, T7451 state: 331MPa (48ksi); clad aluminum alloy T6, T7451 state: 317MPa (46ksi). Hardness: O state: 60HB; T6, T7451 state: 150HB; the data is taken from the test results of a 10mm diameter ball and 30s under a load of 500kg. Poisson's ratio: 0.33. Modulus of Elasticity: Tensile: 71.0GPa (10.3×106psi), Shear: 26.9GPa (3.9×106psi), Compression 72.4GPa (10.5×106psi) Fatigue strength: T6, T7451, T73 State: smooth and unnotched The R·R·Moore type test cycles 5×108 times, which is 159MPa (23ksi).

Aluminum alloy rod 6 series - Density: 2.80g/cm³. Elastic modulus: Tension: 68.3GPa (9.91×106psi), shear: 25.8GPa (3.75×106psi), pressure: 69.7GPa (10.1×106psi) Poisson's ratio: 0.33.

Aluminum alloy rod 5 series - Density: 2.75g/cm³. Modulus of Elasticity: Tension: 70.3GPa (10.2×106psi), shear 26.4GPa (3.83×106psi), compression 71.7GPa (10.4×106psi) Fatigue strength: H321 and H116 state: 160MPa (23ksi) at 5*106 cycles ); RRMoore type test.

Aluminum alloy rod 3 series - Density: 2.750g/cm³. Poisson's ratio: 0.35 at 20°C (68F). Elastic modulus: tensile: 70GPa (10.2×106psi), shear 25GPa (3.6×106psi)

Aluminum alloy rod 2 series - Density: 2.80g/cm³. Poisson's ratio: 0.33 at 20°C (68F). Modulus of Elasticity: Tension: 72.4GPa (10.5×106psi) Shear: 28.0GPa (4.0×106psi) Compression: 73.8GPa (10.7×106psi)


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