High initial permeability soft magnetic alloy Soft magnetic alloy 1J79


Surface treatment:
Hot forging Hot rolled Cold rolled
Metallic color
Soft magnetic alloy 1J79 Description

The soft magnetic alloy 1J79 is a nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy. It is a high-initial magnetic permeability soft magnetic alloy. It is a high-nickel iron-nickel alloy with high initial magnetic permeability, maximum magnetic permeability and low coercivity.

Soft magnetic alloy 1J79 specification

Bar 30.0Mm to 180.0Mm hot forging

Plate 3.5Mm to 30.0Mm hot rolling; 30.0Mm to 40.0Mm hot forging

Strip 0.05Mm to 1.0Mm cold rolled

Composition analysis of soft magnetic alloy 1J79

Chemical composition icon of soft magnetic alloy 1J79

Physical properties of soft magnetic alloy 1J79

Soft magnetic alloy 1J79 physical properties icon

Average linear expansion coefficient of soft magnetic alloy 1J79

Soft magnetic alloy 1J79 linear expansion coefficient icon

Soft magnetic alloy 1J79 application

It is widely used in the production of pulse transformers, high-sensitivity relays, magnetic amplifiers, magnetic regulators, current transformers, iron cores for program-controlled telephones, stepper motors for electronic watches, high-precision electric meters, choke coils, magnetic shields, etc.


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