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R04200, R04210, R04251, R04261, Nb1, Nb2
rd ASTM B393

Surface treatment:
Polished, Vannum Annealed,Cold-rolled, Bright
Metallic color
Niobium Plate / Sheet Description

Niobium plate & Niobium Sheet is widely used in industry, electric light source, heating element and electric vacuum equipment of heat shield, etc.

Niobium (Nb) Sheets / Plate Specification

Thickness 0.1Mm to 6Mm ;

Width 200Mm to 400Mm ;

Length 50Mm to 3000 Mm

Composition analysis of niobium Plate 
Chemical composition analysis table of niobium plate

Mechanical properties of niobium Plate 

Niobium Plate Mechanical Requirements Data Sheet

Permissible deviation of niobium plate size (mm)

Niobium Plate Size Allowable Deviation Data Sheet

Niobium (Nb) Sheets / Plate Advantage
•    Low Density and High Specificate Strength
•    Excellent Corrosion Resistance
•    Good resistance to effect of heat
•    Nonmagnetic and Non-toxic
•    High melting point, good anti-corrosion, excellent super-conduction and other unique characteristics.

Niobium (Nb) Sheets / Plate Application
•    Electronic industry, Chemistry, Electronical, Pharmaceutical industry.
•    Steel, Ceramics, Electronics, nuclear energy industries and superconductor technology.
•    Super condouctous, metled cast ingots and alloying agents.
•    Widely used in manufacturing various kinds of alloy steel, high temperature alloy, optical glass, cutting tool, superconducting materials and other industries.


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