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TC11 TC4
GB/T 2965-2007

Surface treatment:
Polished or car over
Metallic color
Titanium Alloy Rod / Bar Description

Titanium alloy rods & Titanium alloy bars are mainly used in oil extraction equipment parts, titanium processing parts for aerospace, shipbuilding, and automotive purposes, standard parts, customized parts, etc. It has high strength, good toughness, excellent welding performance, and is widely used.

Titanium Alloy Rod / Bar Specifications

Diameter : Φ6Mm to 350Mm

Length : <6000Mm

Titanium Alloy Rod / Bar Chemical Compositio

Titanium alloy rod chemical composition data analysis table

Titanium Alloy Rod / Bar Mechanical behavior

Analysis table of mechanical properties of titanium alloy rods

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