Magnesium wire diameter 1-6mm aerospace bulk supply

Mg9998 Mg9995 Mg9990 Mg9980
ASTM B107-2002JISH 4203

Surface treatment:
Silver white metal
Magnesium wire Description

Magnesium wire has a metal natural color, smooth surface, no oxidation, no slag, no compound, no oil, no spots and other surface defects that affect the use, and no scratches are allowed in the production process.

Magnesium wire specifications
Diameter 1Mm to 6Mm

Magnesium wire composition analysis

Magnesium wire composition analysis data sheet

Magnesium wire mechanical properties

In the as-cast state, the tensile strength is 115MPa, the elongation is 8%, and the hardness is HB36. In the cold working state, the tensile strength is 200MPa, the elongation is 11.5%, and the hardness is HB36. It is used to prepare magnesium alloys.


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