Magnesium Mg rod / Bar, Magnesium supplier

ASTM B107-2002JISH 4203

Surface treatment:
silvery metal
Magnesium rod / bar description

Magnesium rods, also known as anode rods and flint, are commonly used equipment for making fire outdoors for survival. It is a metal rod mainly composed of magnesium elements, usually magnesium bars and magnesium rods. It can light a fire under any conditions. Magnesium rods are also used in electrical anti-corrosion technology.

Magnesium rod specifications
Diameter 8mm to 150mm

Magnesium anode rod Chemical compositon

Analysis data sheet of chemical composition of magnesium anode rod

Magnesium anode rod Electrochemical properties

Magnesium rod application
Magnesium anodes are used in marine equipment and construction, port construction, offshore engineering, pipelines, and petrochemical fields.
Extruded magnesium anodes are mainly used in hot water boilers, heat exchangers, evaporators and boilers. It has the characteristics of softening water, decontamination and residue, and prolonging the service life of the container.


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