Vanadium plate and sheet 0.1 to 20mm thick Supplier

V-1 V-2 V-3
99.5 %,99.7% ,99.9%

Surface treatment:
Polishing, Pickling, Sandblasting,etc.
Silvery Metal
Vanadium Plate / Sheet Description

Vanadium plate / sheet specifications

Thickness: 0.1Mm to 20Mm
Width: below 500Mm
Length: less than 1000Mm

Vanadium plates / sheet  with a thickness of 1mm-5mm can reach 500mm in width and 1000mm in length. For vanadium plates with other thicknesses, the length and width will gradually decrease as the thickness increases;

Vanadium plate / sheet  processing technology

Forging, hot rolling, heat treatment, surface treatment, cold rolling

Vanadium plate / sheet application

It is suitable for the development of superalloys and new alloys for the aviation and aerospace and atomic industries, electronic material components, analytical standard samples, etc.


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