99.9% high purity vanadium rod, diameter 120mm, 220mm specification can be customized

V-1 V-2 V-3

Surface treatment:
Polishing, Pickling, Sandblasting,etc.
Silvery Metal
Vanadium rod / bar Description

Vanadium rod / bars specifications

Diameter 0.5Mm to 110Mm
Length below 2000Mm
When the diameter is 50Mm, the longest vanadium rod can reach 2000Mm; when the diameter is 110Mm, the longest vanadium rod can reach 1000Mm;
When the diameter is 0.5-3Mm, it is a wire, when the diameter is 0.5Mm, the length can be up to several hundred meters; when the diameter is 3Mm, the length can be up to about 50m;

Composition analysis of vanadium rods / bars

vanadium rods / bars Composition analysis Data Sheet

Vanadium rod / bars processing technology

Forging, heat treatment, machining


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