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95 tungsten
National standard

Surface treatment:
Sintered state, car polished surface, polished surface
Metallic colo
Tungsten Alloy Ball Description

Tungsten carbide ball refers to the ball and ball made of cemented carbide. The cemented carbide ball has high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance, and harsh environment, and can replace all steel ball products.

Tungsten carbide ball specifications
• Tungsten alloy ball 1, diameter: 1.0mm-100.0mm
• Density: 15.8-18.75g/cm3
• Composition: Tungsten content: 85-99%, tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-copper
• Surface: sintered, polished surface, polished surface

Tungsten carbide ball tolerance size

Tolerance dimension data sheet for tungsten carbide balls

Application of Tungsten Carbide Ball

• Tungsten carbide balls have been widely used in aerospace, military, medical equipment, clocks, sewing machines, household appliances, fishing gear counterweights, machinery and electronics, IT, optical fiber communications, automobiles, motorcycles, toy jewelry, military industry, and petroleum exploration wells. Mining, sports, and other fields.

• Tungsten alloy balls can be used to make shotgun bullets. The bullet of the shotgun is different from the regular bullet. The bullet of the shotgun is filled with small balls. But when the bullets were shot out of the muzzle, the bullets scattered into small balls. The power of gunpowder acts on each ball, and the energy on each ball is very low. In hunting activities, it is mainly used for hunting birds or other small animals.

• High specific gravity tungsten balls (tungsten alloy balls) are also widely used in military defense or lethal parts tungsten alloy products and other counterweight fields, such as military defense balance, missile weapon projectiles, armor-piercing shells, hunting gear, shotguns, prefabricated fragments, missile The balance of weapons, ammunition and armor-piercing bullets; golf club weight balls, tungsten ball sinkers for fishing gear, oil logging balance; there are also some precision instrument fields, such as mobile phone vibrators, clock weights, watches and watches Heavy parts, mobile phone vibrator, flywheel counterweight, tungsten ball, ball valve, bearing, etc.

• Tungsten alloy nibs, commonly used nibs are generally made of stainless steel or tungsten alloy. Tungsten alloy nibs are mainly used for high-end pens. The nib can be used for a long time, making writing very smooth.

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