Customized Stainless Steel Copper Brass Prototype Copper Alloy Cnc Machining Parts

C2600 C2680 C2700 C5210 C5191 C51000

Surface treatment:
Blackening, Polishing, Coating, Brushing, etc.
Metallic color
Copper Alloy Rod / Bar description

The copper alloy rods & copper alloy bars produced by XK Metal have the characteristics of high strength, elasticity, hardness, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, no magnetism, and no sparks when impacted. In addition, it has very good processing performance and can be processed into complex shapes by various molding methods.

Specifications for copper alloy pipe and rod

diameter :3.0Mm to 800Mm

copper alloy rods / bars Chemical Compositio

Copper alloy bar composition analysis data sheet

copper alloy rods / bars process performance
•    Forming performance: It has good thermoformability and can be hot-extruded, hot-rolled and forged. It has good cold workability and can be cold rolled, stamped, bent, spinning, and hydraulic forming.
•    Welding performance: It has good weldability and is easy to braze and fusion welding, including tin welding, resistance welding, plasma welding, electron beam welding, ultrasonic welding and laser welding. Components used in vacuum or high pressure are easy to use electron beam welding.

Applications of copper alloy rods / bars
mainly used in fuses, fasteners, springs, switch parts, electrical connection devices, wires, resistance welding electrode heads, seam welding electrode plates, plastic molds, etc.


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