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Surface treatment:
Fine throwing
Silver Grey Metallic
Electrician pure iron description

Features of electrician pure iron tube / iron products

No sand holes, no sand holes, no black spots, no cracks, and the weld bead is smooth. Bending, cutting, welding processing performance advantages, the products comply with Chinese GB, American ASTM, Japanese JIS and other specifications!

The following are the inventory resources of some processed pure iron pipes(Normal roundness tolerance plus or minus 0.1mm)

Electrician pure iron model inventory table

Electrician pure iron tube / iron application

It is widely used in the manufacture of electrical appliances, communication equipment, instruments, electromagnetic components, parts and motor housings of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. It is the main soft magnetic material in the national defense industry. It requires low coercivity and high magnetic permeability and magnetic induction value. Therefore, the requirements for chemical composition control and metal purity are relatively strict. There are four types: general, advanced (A), special (E), and super (C). Complete specifications and precise tolerances. Pure iron pipes are suitable for magnetizers, instruments, switches, electromagnetic locks, motors, electromagnetic clutches, shields, railway signal relays and other electronic industries.


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