GB/T 3211-2008

Surface treatment:
Silver grey metal
Chromium particle Description

Chromium particles Specification
80-500 mesh
Particle size distribution-80 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, 500 mesh

Chromium particle composition analysis

Chromium particle composition analysis Data Sheet

Characteristics of chromium particles

High hardness, high melting point and boiling point, strong corrosion resistance, gloss and ductility.

Mechanical properties and chemical properties of chromium particles

The film has good adhesion, should be deposited at a high rate, is hard and brittle, is corrosion-resistant, decomposes in 20% NaOH + potassium permanganate, and is insoluble in water.

Chrome particles application

Used in the production of cermets, military products and high temperature resistant non-ferrous alloy parts. As a decorative or functional coating, it is also widely used in the electroplating industry.

Chromium particles packaging specifications
• Vacuum packaging in aluminum foil bag, 10g/20g/50g/100g/500g/1000gbag;
• Woven bag or iron drum lined with plastic bag, 5kg/drum;
• Special packaging is available according to user requirements.


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