Nickel alloy plate/sheet, Nickel supplier

GB/T2054-2005、ASTM B127-1998、ASTM B162-1999

Surface treatment:
treatment:Car polished nickel rod, polished nickel rod
Matt color
Nickel alloy Plate / Sheet description

nickel-iron-chromium alloy plate &Sheet in which copper and molybdenum are added. It also contains niobium, which can stabilize anti-sensitization and prevent intergranular corrosion.

Nickel alloy Plate / Sheet specifications

Thickness 0.5mm to 20mm; Width 200mm to 1000mm; Length 500mm to 3000mm

Chemical composition of nickel alloy plate/ Sheet

Ni-alloy plate composition analysis data sheet

Nickel alloy Plate / Sheet application

Alkali industry. Chlor-alkali chemical industry and organic chloride production. Food processing industry. High temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment. Electronic instrument parts. Water treatment. All kinds of equipment with strong alkali resistance.


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