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Metal pipes are mainly based on various steel pipes, including seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, etc.

Seamless steel tube

Seamless steel tube

· In addition to general seamless steel pipes, there are special seamless steel pipes, including seamless steel pipes for boilers, high-pressure seamless steel pipes for boilers, seamless steel pipes for geological drilling, steel pipes for petroleum cracking, and stainless and acid-resistant seamless steel pipes.

· High-pressure seamless steel pipes for boilers are made of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel. The quality is better than general seamless steel pipes for boilers. They can withstand high pressure and ultra-high pressure. They are used to manufacture boiler equipment and high-pressure and ultra-high pressure pipelines to transport high temperature. , High-pressure steam, water and other media or high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogen-containing media.

· Manufacture of special steel grades D240, D250, D255...D295 for seamless steel pipes for geological drilling.

· Seamless steel pipes for petroleum cracking are generally made of alloy structural steel.

·Stainless acid-resistant steel seamless steel pipe is made of alloy structural steel. It is mainly used for the anti-corrosion parts of chemical, petroleum and machinery pipelines, and is used to transport strong corrosive media, low temperature or high temperature media, and other high-purity requirements. medium.

Welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipes are divided into black iron pipes and galvanized pipes (white iron pipes). According to the shape of the weld, it can be divided into straight seam steel pipes, spiral seam steel pipes and double-layer coil welded steel pipes; according to their different uses, they can be divided into water and gas transmission steel pipes; according to the wall thickness, they can be divided into thin-walled pipes and thickened pipes.

· Longitudinal electric welded steel pipes are mainly used to transport low-pressure fluids such as water, heating and gas, and to make structural parts.

· Spiral seam steel pipe. Single-sided spiral seam welded pipes are used for general purposes such as water transportation, and double-sided spiral welded pipes are used for special purposes such as oil and natural gas transportation.

Alloy steel pipe

Cast iron pipe

The connection form of cast iron pipe is divided into socket type and flange type.

Non-ferrous metal pipe

· Lead and lead alloy pipes. Lead pipe has strong corrosion resistance. Lead pipes should not be used under pressure. The mechanical properties of the lead pipe are not high, but the weight is very heavy. It is the heaviest kind of metal pipe.

· Copper and copper alloys. Copper pipes have good thermal conductivity and are suitable for working temperatures below 250°C. They are mostly used in the manufacture of heat exchangers, compressor oil pipes, low-temperature pipes, automatic control instruments, heat preservation mixing heat pipes and oxygen pipes.

· Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes. Aluminum tubes are characterized by light weight, no rust, but poor mechanical strength and cannot withstand higher pressures. They are used to transport liquids such as concentrated nitric acid, acetic acid, fatty acids, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas. It is not resistant to alkali and compounds containing chloride ions, such as salt water and hydrochloric acid and other media.

· Titanium and titanium alloy tubes. Titanium pipe has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, and is often used in process parts where other pipe materials are not competent.

Different metal pipes have different production processes and uses, and each has its own characteristics and advantages, but in general, the rigidity of the steel pipe is the basic characteristic.

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