Paper making equipment

Application areas of special alloys in the paper industry

· In life, paper is an indispensable cultural item for human beings and has a wide range of uses in daily life, study, and work. The appearance of paper has promoted the progress of human civilization; it has changed human life and brought great convenience to mankind.

· In the process of papermaking, a large amount of heavily polluted sewage or waste residue from the papermaking process will be produced. Stainless steel industrial pipes have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and resistance to chloride erosion, so stainless steel industrial welded pipes play a great role in the sewage discharge of the paper industry.

· In order to promote the concept and practical experience of low-carbon papermaking and promote the development of China's paper industry to a green industry, stainless steel industrial welded pipes also play a great role in the reduction of sewage and emissions. When many papermaking enterprises build new plants, they will be applied to stainless steel industrial welded pipes . In the field of pulp and paper industry, the domestic is almost blank. The sulfate cooking method still uses low-carbon steel cooking pots, and the use of duplex stainless steel cooking and bleaching equipment has been widely used abroad. Very little. Commonly used in high concentration chloride ion environment of various bleaching devices, scrubber drums, pressure rollers, tanks, pipes, digesters in pulp bleaching systems, etc.

Special alloy materials commonly used in the paper industry
· stainless steel: 316LN, 317L, 904L, AL-6XN, 2205 and other
· nickel-based alloys: Alloy 31, Alloy 59, Alloy 926, Hastelloy C, Incoloy926 and other
· corrosion-resistant alloys: NS333, NS334